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Betting Guide

The Odds Of The Win

Understanding the odds of sports betting can make or break the way that you place your bets. Certain sports have good odds, and certain sports have really risky odds. (There really aren't bad odds, but there are sports with very risky odds)

What I mean by risky odds is that you might have a one in a million chance but will hit it big if you are correct with your bet. Sports with good odds would be sports like boxing, wrestling, UFC, football, hockey, basketball. The reason these have good odds is because you aren't making a shot in the dark and that is the reason they are better choices. These bets can be made on the basis of knowledge and having an understanding of how good either team or player is.

This makes it mathematical rather than just placing a bet and hoping that you hit it big. This is what makes them sometimes a "sure thing".

Now one of the best examples of risky betting odds would be the staple trope of house races, and the reason this is the go-to punching bag for "bad" betting is because there are just too many factors at play. These factors can't really be accounted for reliably making it hard to find the "sure thing".

The best way to come out on top with sports betting would be to do your research and make it less playing the odds and more choosing the nearly guaranteed winner. Some ways that you could do this would be to look at some of the team's past games or fighters previous fights and see how they stack up against their opponent.

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